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Looking For Linktree Alternative?
Try LinkTube – That Cost Less And Scale Along With Your Business.
Why LinkTube Is Better Alternative To LinkTree?

Listen, many people have already switched from linktree to LinkTube, as linktree has very limited features which stuck the growth on many grounds.Being a perfect linktree alternative, LinkTube is 100 times better than Linktree.

Here’s why LinkTube is considered as best linktree alternative, always.

Always Share More Than a Link

Along with LinkTube URL share your all form of content, and communication channel like, email, messengers.

Grow Social Profile Easily

Drive traffic to any social media profile to increase social followings and subscribers. 

Create Online Portfolio In Minute

Build stunning portfolio in couple of minutes, add all social media handles, blogs, webpages, Videos at one place.

Connect Your Audience Instantly

Using LinkTube smartpage user can show recent content, blogs, products and YouTube Videos dynamically.

“Your Content Deserve More Then Just A List Of Links”

LinkTube Vs LinkTree

Smart PagesUp to 250 As Per Plans1
Products Feeds
Dynamic Feeds
Projects & Teams
Custom Domain
Custom Slashtag
GDPR / CCPA Compliance
Hide Links
YouTube Video Embed With Thumbnail
Zapier Integration
Remarketing Ads PixelsFB + GA + Twitter + Quora + SnapchatFB
How LinkTube Stacks Up Against Linktree


Features LinkTube LinkTree
Smart Pages Upto 250 1
Unlimited Links Yes Yes
Dynamic Feed Yes No


Features LinkTube LinkTree
Tile, Card Yes No
Background Image Yes Yes
Style Colors Yes Yes
Messenger Links Yes No


Features LinkTube LinkTree
Custom Domain Yes No
Custom Slashtag Yes No
Who Is LinkTube For?

LinkTube is best alternative solution for linktree and works well for anyone who wants to grow online. 

Be it a brand, or individual, influencers or freelancer, Agency or Media house, Youtuber or Instagramer, Tutor or Blogger and finally Linktube is for all Internet Marketers.

Anyone Who Wants To Create Influence

Nowadays more people wants to become influencer in their niche and create a huge amount of contents.
At very same time they wants helping hands in content distribution, where LinkTube helps a lot.
People can simply share any of their content, and social profiles directly from one single URL.

Anyone Who Has Business Online

All business owner need continues growth and also they have to particular about their productivity. LinkTube manage their social growing and helps them to manage bio links on complete autopilot. Linktube has special features called dynamic feed which helps to showcase shopify products dynamically.

Any Content Creators Who Wants More Engagement

We all know, if content is a king then engagement is queen. Those who whats to achieve online success they must engage their fans and follower with their content.
Linktube helps to grow social engagement for your content. 
LinkTube has many solid features that completely uplift your content engagement like never before.

Why People Used LinkTube As Linktree Alternative?

In less than couple of minutes, LinkTube Creates endless possibilities to showcase your content in best possible way. Even users can easily play around look and feel of LinkTube Smartpage.


Linktree makes you add all your links in form of list on one page, so you can share all links in one links. but to be honest its killing the growth and this further leads people to look for linktree alternative.

Always Share More Than Link

Now People want more and more social response, engagement for content or product, and that not possible with just a link of list.

Linktube adds many features just to keep you ahead of your competitors and turn your bio link in to professional portfolio.

Top LinkTube Features
1. Ads Platform ( Pixels )
Nothing Converts Better Than Remarketing Ads. And We At LinkTube Completely Understand The Concern And Help You To Make Your Remarketing Audience.
LinkTube Allows You To Add A Remarketing Pixel Of All Popular Ad Networks Which Helps You Build A Remarketing Audience.
Every Single User Who Clicks To Your Smartpage Simply Gets Added To Your Audience List, Further You Can Retarget Them Whenever You Want.

2. Dynamic Feed
This Is A Classic Solution Brought To You By LinkTube. Dynamic Feeds Allows You To Showcase Your More Recent Content, WP Blog, Shopify Products Or YT Videos Dynamically, Without Updating Links.
All You Have To Do Is Just Place Your RSS Feed On LinkTube And Rest Will Be Done By LinkTube Itself. For Your Rss Feed URL, LinkTube Creates An Amazing Landing Page That Falls In Love.
Achieve Greater Engagement, Show More Products, Blogs And Youtube Videos Dynamically!
3. Schedule Links + Animation
LinkTube Allows You To Choose When Your Link Will Be Visible For Your User, This Gives Complete Control Over Link Visibility.
Moving Ahead You Can Schedule Each And Every Link Added To The LinkTube Smart Page.
Also LinkTube Has Solid Animation Effects To Create More Engagement And Catch More Eyeballs.

4. Add Product Tab + Buy Button
We Have Made This Provision To Boost Your Revenue. Add Your Product Directly On The Smart Page And Win More Customers.
This Is Amazing Way To Drive More Traffic For Getting Sales And Bring Visibility To Your Newly Launch Products
5. Analytics, Tracked Clicks
Data And Meaningful Insights Are More Important For Taking Perfect Actions.
LinkTube Tracks Each And Every Impression And Measures 50K Clicks. So You Will Come To Know Which Content Performs Better.
6. One Project With 10 Team Members
This Makes Your Job More Simple, And More Managed. Now You Can Add Up To 10 Members In Your Project To Handle Independent Requests.
Team Members Work Independently For All Smartpage Operations And Bring Out More Value For Your Business.
7. SEO Optimized + GDPR/ CCPA Compliant
How Can SEO Be Ignored? Even LinkTube Powers Your SEO Strategy By Allowing Customised SEO Profiles For Every Smart Page.
You Can Edit Meta Title And Description Whenever You Want. Just Go For It. Also To Make Link Tracking More Effective User Can Now Add UTM Parameter For LinkTube Smart Page.
8. Mailchimp, Google Sheet, Zapier Integration
Setup Your Email List And Drive More Subscriber With LinkTube Smart Page. With Just A Single Tap Your Followers Will Be Added To Your List, Further You Can Nurture Them For Driving Sales.
LinkTube Powers Your List With Integration With Google Sheet, Mailchimp And Zapier, So You Can Have Better Control On Your Data.
9. Premium Themes
Ready To Go Live Premium Themes Makes You A Perfect Winner And Boost Your Revenue.
Save Your Hundreds Of Hours For Designing And Fixing UI Using Ready To Go Live LinkTube Premium Themes.
10. Traffic Details With Referral Website
Whenever You Get A Click LinkTube Tell You Exactly Where This Traffic Is Coming From.
This Gives Better Understanding And Behaviour Of Traffic.
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